Join us for ‘Story Time’ at AAI@home. Here we feature multitalented Romena Jonas as the storyteller, performing the story she authored, “Golden Head and silver head”.

As long as there have been Assyrians, there have been stories. Storytelling is an ancient and valuable art that was passed on by being heard and retold. From the stories told just by looking at ancient Assyrian relief sculptures to today’s bedtime stories read to children, stories make up our history, teach morals and values, and entertain.

In this episode Romena Jonas takes us on an adventure in her new book when she reads her story, using different tones and movements for the characters to animate the colorful pictures in the book. Romena is joined by her dog, Stevie, who never leaves her side and brings a flare of his own while she reads. Enjoy.

AAI@home Episode 9 | Romena Jonas’ ‘Golden Head and Silver Head’ from Assyrian Arts Institute on Vimeo.